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How To Find Your Wedding Aesthetic

Finding your wedding aesthetic early on is important because it drives your day's overall look and feel. It also helps your planner flawlessly design the wedding day of your dreams.

Photo by Lily Miller Photography

So you just got engaged, and you’ve already hashed out the engagement details with your friends and family. I’m sure you’re ready to get planning. One of the first things you’ll want to explore is your wedding aesthetic. This will drive the overall look and feel of your wedding.

If you’re anything like us, looking back at your wedding Pinterest board is super cringy. Trying to go through years of wedding inspiration can be overwhelming. A few examples of common wedding aesthetics are modern, classic, and bohemian. Even further, selecting colors and an overall style can help planners (like us) create a perfectly designed event that captures your vision.

Maybe you already have an idea of what your aesthetic will be, and if so you’re ahead of the game. If not, don’t worry, we put together a couple of tips to help you find the perfect aesthetic for you.

1. Ditch your trusty old wedding Pinterest board, and start fresh.

If you’ve been posting on that board for years, chances are those aesthetics are not at all what you’re looking for now, years later. Creating a new board allows you to drop all your current ideas in one concise location, and Pinterest even now allows you to create sub-boards so you could organize your pins within your wedding board (e.g. bouquets, reception decor, ceremony decor, etc.). There are tons of ways to search for your desired aesthetic, and no shortage of ideas. The good thing about Pinterest is their algorithm will adjust to your likes and will start showing you more pins related to the aesthetic you like thus making it easier than ever to find inspiration.

2. Browse real weddings

There are tons of blogs and social media accounts that feature real wedding photos. Many times one of the easiest ways to find your aesthetic is to look at real weddings. If you live in our area, there are quite a few places to pick up wedding inspiration — Kentucky Bride Magazine and Kentucky Bride Blog. Using another couple’s big day can inspire you while planning for your big day.

3. Understand your preferences

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your wedding. While real weddings and Pinterest ideas can help with finding your wedding aesthetic you by no means have to do everything you see. Mix it up a bit. Take note of what you like and don’t like about each wedding to get a feel for your preferences. Use your home decor for inspiration to get a feel for your general aesthetic. Maybe you like loud prints, bright colors, or even neutrals or greenery. Gaining inspiration from things you already like can be really helpful.

4. Turn to TikTok

TikTok contains endless tips, tricks, and style inspiration. Wedding TikTok is truly an asset while wedding planning. Not only do previous and current brides provide you with awesome tips and tricks to help you during the planning process, but many will show you style ideas of what they did or are planning to do, and how to achieve that look. We have many brides show us videos they have found, and asked if it is possible to recreate what they saw. It absolutely is possible, and we can even put a spin on it to make the idea uniquely yours. TikTok is also the perfect place to find the upcoming wedding trends and colors of the year if you would like to base your decision on that.

5. Consider your venue

If you have already selected your venue, instead of spending money and time trying to make the venue into something it isn't try playing off some of the features it already has. Maybe you are getting married in an ultra-modern space or more of a rustic barn. These work hand-in-hand while picking your aesthetic, and can provide ample inspiration. Take note of the existing decor within your venue as well as the space surrounding your venue. If you are still on the hunt for a venue, keep your aesthetic in mind while trying to find a space. Your venue is the foundation that your aesthetic is built on.

6. Look at the seasons

If worse comes to worst and you are having a really hard time deciding your wedding aesthetic consider the seasons. Lean into the season you want to get married in. For example, many spring weddings are bright and colorful with all the spring flowers coming into bloom, while fall brings warmer-toned colors when the weather starts to turn cooler. White floral and greenery are always a timeless classic and acceptable any time of the year.

Finding your wedding day aesthetic is one of the fun parts of wedding planning. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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