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Unique Wedding Exit Ideas

We've seen a lot of weddings, and a lot of exits. We put together a list of some of our favorites to inspire you!

Photo by Rachael Houser Photography

A grand exit or send-off is traditionally a way to send the couple off, at the end of the night or right after the ceremony, with the support and cheers of their closest friends and family. While many people opt to skip this tradition (as it usually signals the end of the party), we have to say the photos are absolutely beautiful, and such a treasured memory.


Photo by Morgan Newsom Photography

This exit is a fan favorite and one we see most often. Guests have a lot of fun with them, and the photos are always stunning. We have only ever seen white sparklers used, but colored sparklers could be a cool idea as well. There are so many options for the length and shapes of sparklers to choose from, depending on the length of time you'd like to spend taking photos. We find the medium length is perfect for one to two passes, and usually allows enough time for ample photos. We also recommend saving your money and not using any sort of sparkler tag, not only is it tedious to add to each sparkler, but often they end up catching on fire if they are anywhere near the lit end.


Photo by Emily Margret Photography

This one is definitely more on the traditional side and one you've probably seen in your parents' or grandparents' wedding photos. Tried and true, this exit produces the cutest photos, and is a great option if your exit (or entrance) will be during daylight. This is also a huge hit for kids and makes a cute wedding favor for your guests.

Dried Flowers

Photo by Robyn Pizzo Photography

The perfect alternative to confetti because they are biodegradable, and gorgeous in photos.

Flower Petals

Photo by Justine Ungaro via

We have seen this option more and more lately, and we are totally on board. This is another option to use if you will be doing your exit outside during daylight or indoors right after your ceremony is over. You can choose to pre-fill cones for your guests to grab as they enter your ceremony, or create a petal bar. Let your guests fill their own cones with whatever color petals their hearts desire.

LED Light Balloons

Photo from

This one is time-consuming, to say the least, but the results are just as beautiful as a sparkler exit. If you opt for this option, we would recommend having a handful of family and friends do it rather than all wedding guests. This requires you to inflate the balloons, secure them to the sticks, and then wrap LED lights around the balloons.

Glow Sticks

Photo by AH Studios, LLC

A fun alternative to sparklers, that doubles as a dance floor accessory. This option is kid-friendly and gives your photos an exciting and colorful outcome.


Photo by Patty Daniels Photography

This exit is perfect for Star Wars or Disney Lovers. We think this is such a fun and unique way to send off the couple.


Photo by Justine Klope Photography

This couple opted to have pompoms waved in the colors of their alma mater.

Artificial Snow

Photo from

During a winter wedding, we had a couple fill these poppers with mashed potato flakes to emulate snow. There is also a biodegradable confetti option that looks like snow.


Photo by Ginny Borgia - Imagine Images

The ultimate send-off idea and a way to give your guests a show.

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